Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Like I have said before.

You are the Lukas to my Toby.

You know, if Lukas really wants to haunt me, I guess that's all right. Just don't tell Toby, he'll get jealous. :-P

And you really think I'm a good writer? I did write a book once. I still need to work on it though. Maybe next I'll write an autobiography about us... and the boys. It will be a classic tale of love, sex, rock & roll, and their unyielding passions for us.

Of course, we might need to do a little research first; cover the rock scene, and a few other, small(although I doubt they're actually small...), details......

Yes, yes, this is an excellent plan.

- West Side Sister. (I'm going to have a new name every post!... or maybe not)

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